Aug 182013

Divine Health Is Your Birthright

If you fall sick, there is healing for you in the kingdom of God but I believe that God prefers that you are not sick at all – that you live in divine health.

God never intended anything less than good health for his children. Our lord Jesus Christ came into the world primarily to make life much more fulfilling and exciting.

Everything Jesus went through and accomplished is for you personally. He came to set you free from all forms of problem sin, sickness, disease, poverty, etc.


Divine health can be defined as that state of being well without any disorderliness. In other words, your body organs are functioning in perfect sync according to divine order. It is the health that originates from God. It is the mind of God for His children.

3 John 2 (WNT)

2 My dear friend, I pray that you may in all respects prosper and enjoy good health, just as your soul already prospers.

Matthew 8:16-17

16 When evening came, they brought to Him many who were under the power of demons, and He drove out the spirits with a word and restored to health all who were sick

17 And thus He fulfilled what was spoken by the prophet Isaiah, He Himself took [in order to carry away] our weaknesses and infirmities and bore away our diseases. [Isaiah 53:4.] (Emphasis mine).

Jesus took your sicknesses and weaknesses upon Him so that you will not have to bear them again. You were, I repeat, were (past tense) healed by His stripes – 1 Peter 2:24. So, you must stand, in holy anger, and resist every attempt of the enemy to put sicknesses and diseases on your body (the temple of God).

The will of God is that you do not fall sick (divine health) but if you find yourself afflicted with sickness or disease, God has made provision for your healing (divine healing). The first covenant God enacted immediately after the Israelites left Egypt (the land of bondage) was the covenant of health (divine health). The children of Israel were invited into the covenant of divine healing. Divine health, therefore, is the will of God – Ex 15:26. Israel entered into a covenant of salvation from the beginning.

Therefore, divine healing became an ordinance (law) – Gal 3:13. A tree was set upon Calvary’s hill. The intention of God was that He would one day hang on this cross, someone who will redeem man. Jesus came and paid the price for redemption – the death of the cross.

Luke 22:39-44

And he came out, and went, as he was wont, to the mount of Olives; and his disciples also followed him. [40] And when he was at the place, he said unto them, Pray that ye enter not into temptation. [41] And he was withdrawn from them about a stone’s cast, and kneeled down, and prayed, [42] Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done. [43] And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him. [44] And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.

The death of Jesus Christ on the cross nullified every affliction, bitterness, sorrow and torments of the devil. On the basis of what Christ has done, react violently to any form of disease or sickness. The devil has no legal hold on you again.


Matthew 12:22-28

Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw. [23] And all the people were amazed, and said, Is not this the son of David? [24] But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils. [25] And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: [26] And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? [27] And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges. [28] But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you.

  1. He is a healer Himself – he reacts against sickness because he has settled it.
  2. Matt 16:18 – I will build my Church (the believers) and the gates of hell (principalities and Powers) shall not prevail against it.
  3. He doesn’t sympathize with sickness, He destroys them to build his people.

You see the kingdom of God when you are born again and you enter when you continue to enjoy the benefits. When you are still sick you are not among the Church of Jesus Christ.

The only way you can be built is by being in health. This is how you can demonstrate the quality of your Christian life. As soon as you are born again, everything belongs to you but you may never enjoy them if you give room to the enemy.

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